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Below you can find a selection of videos in which Tamara shares her views on mindfulness in various contexts.

Click here to see Kung Fu Lives and Breathes in Everything - Dr Tamara Russell







The Joy and Pain of a Wandering Mind a Webinar with Dr Tamara Russell

Myth-Busting Mindfulness webinar showcased by Watkins Publishing



LONDONLIVE 02 01 2016 Interview Dr Tamara Russell

Tamara is a Trustee of Fight4Change, a charity that using boxing and martial arts to support young people from a deprived area of London.  Here is Tamara promoting Fight4Change at a similar project in Brazil.

Tamara at the Barbican Festival of Neuroscience with Ruby Wax.

Tamara in a short film by the Wellcome Trust about Martial Arts and the Mind.

Tamara talking about mindfulness at Croydon Heartworks.

Tamara talking about floatation tanks and mindfulness.

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